Rashmi Gauam Q & A

Rashmi Gautam has gained her fan following by anchoring a popular comedy show, Extra Jabardasth, After her movie Guntur Talkies, she took her popularity to next level. She has today has done a Q & A on Twitter. Check out some of them.

Q) Mam pedigree is not available in any markets plz give any alternative suggestion
A) Rice and milk Rice and curd Soggy rice

Q) Cooking not easy…. Future lo ibbandi padataaru..
A) Tindi kosam batke batch nenu kadu As I said I have survival skills Ante basic cooking oochu anne This whole world has gone for a Toss today all because of food Eat to live dont live to eat ( She says I am not living to eat food. im eating food to live, I know basic cooking skills, and that’s enough to survive)

Q) Congratulations You are trending in india
A) Dhanywaad

Q) would u love to cook Man cook ???? And wats ur fav dish ???
A) I dont like to cook And I’m a basic eater I eat on time tats oll

Q) dhee r extra jabardast wt will u choose? Mam plz reply
A) Extra jabardast ( It was an interesting answer. Looks like she won’t forget her starting days) Good thing!

Q) your favourite Arijit Singh song?
A) I’m not into music

Q) Tea Or Coffee ?
A) Black coffee

Q) do u think this lockdown will incorporate some discipline in our life. Even when it finished.?
A) I hope so.

Q) Sis how is Bumble ?? Her pet name is Bumble
A) AwesomeNapping

Q) One good rule u learnt from ur parents?
A) This too shall pass

Q) Purpose of life according to you?
A) To give back to the society to ur mother land Thinking beyond just ur family and ur seven generations to come ( Amazing answer. safe to say that she is a positive person, who looks for future. )

Q)Any one important change or improvement you wish to see in india..
A) Sanitation, road trips from women should not mean UTI scare

Q) Any Upcoming projects in Tollywood?
A) Everything after the lockdown.

Q) Akka why don’t you are using iphone? Instead you have choosen android
A) I love to use stylus

Q) What do u find urself doing alot these days?
A) Clean, clean and clean.

Q) are you happy type person, then one tip for your fans for being happy?
A) I’m a sad type

Q) What kind of weather do you like?
A) Warm

Q) Mobile you use?
A) Note 10.

Q) What Cartoon Do you still like to watch?
A) Pokemon, Power Puff Girls, Jonny Bravo (well, who doesn’t like to watch Pokemon)

Q) Few words for Narendra modi?
A) Strength.

Q) What’s the one movie you can see more than 10 times without getting bored?
A) Pretty Women A Romantic comedy movie released in 1990 starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts

Q) Color Black or Pink?
A) Hot Pink!

Q) can you explain us the diet you following during lockdown, would be helpful to lot of people.?
A) She says she has gained 2 kilos, which means she isn’t following her diet.

Q) Chicken or Mutton?
A) Vegetarian. She is a pure vegetarian.

Q) Do you play pubg?
A) No. She doesn’t play it.

Q) What do you like to do between spending time with children or spending time with animals?
A) Animals. She’s a hardcore animal lover, who is helping the pets and stray dogs in this lockdown period.

Q)Best Thriller Series?
A) I see you!

Q) I know you and Sudheer are good friends. But where did that fire started between you both? That took to a program “Aha na pellanta”. Is it media projected you both are in love or how did the rumours started? Any clue?
A) Apparently, she doesn’t have any clue about it.

Q) what would be your advice to someone who wants to be like you?
A) Be yourself and find your strength

Q) If you have given a year to learn something new what would you learn?
A) Organic farming! Interesting!

Q) How do you motivate yourself when facing a big challenge?
A) Compare ur self with who have less and count your blessings

Q) what’s ur favorite sport?
A) Her favorite sport is swimming.

She has many many interesting questions.