Rashmi Gautam Special Gift

Jabardasth anchor Rashmi Gautam has today shared a picture of the gift she received. She received a sweet from the owners of the shop she opened. They gave an unmatchable twist to Rashmi by giving Tapeshwaram Kaja as gift. That is not surprising, the surprising part is the size of the sweet. It is also twice the size of Rashmi Gautam’s head. This sweet is very special and famous. She has posted photos of her trying to eat but it will never fit in her mouth. She has thanked the showroom owners for gifting her one of the memorable sweet. Check out the pictures

She captioned the image as ‘It took me about a week to finish it. Tapeshwaram Khaaja, this is the love I show towards my indian sweets.’Priyamani , who have no idea about this has asked about this, Rashmi replied to her comment, saying tha this is a sweet and they take real pride in this sweet. She loved dogs and dog lovers tag rashmi Gautam if there is any adoption or help needed. She is also supporting Chinmayi Sripaada who is currently on fire against meme pages who are body shaming the Actresses.