Roshni Chopra : Pink Is A Promise

Roshni Chopra has today shared a powerful message on social media in support of gender equality and why every woman including mothers,daughters,girlfriends, sisters deserves freedom. She has posted a picture with her cheeky tongue out, flowers on her head as a crown. She also wore a tee-which reads, human gender. Check out the image below:

Her caption reads -“Pink is a promise . Make it to yourself, every woman , mothers of boys mothers of girls, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, women… Don’t let anyone tell you being a girl is anything other than freakin fabulous and you deserve every inch of freedom love equality and respect as does every human in this world.”

She made a rallying call to other women to not let anyone call you anything other than freaking fabulous and she believes everyone deserves the respect and freedom. one person questioned her on why she made a symbol with her hands, for which she replied – ‘Freedom.’

She mainly used the word Pink in reference to the girls. She calls it as a superpower. She mentioned in story that Pink is Power, Pretty and is cooler than patriarchy. She believes everyone should have freedom with no rules and has to live with no fear.