Samantha Fans Angry On Pooja Hegde

As we all know Pooja Hegde Instagram account is hacked according to her. Hackers have posted a story from Pooja Account in which we can Samantha Ruth Prabhu from Majili Movie. It has also a caption, it reads-“I don’t find her pretty at all.” Even though she has quickly posted her updates regarding the hacking on Social media. She is getting hate from Samantha fans as they believe she is jealous of Samantha and she posted it with her concern only. She tweeted -“Hi guys, so I’ve been informed by my team that my Instagram account has been hacked and my digital team is helping me with it. Please do not accept any invitations or pass out any personal information out to the person asking. Thank you.” She said her digital department will work on reviving her account and asked her fans to not allow any invitations.Pooja Hegde also tweeted -“Spent the last hour stressing about the safety of my Instagram account. Thanking my technical team for instant help at this hour. Finally got my hands back on Instagram. Any message, follow back or post in the past hour from my account has been done will be undone. Thank you.”

Samantha fans have started trending a hashtag. PoojaMustApologizeSamantha. They wanted Pooja Hegde to Apologize Samantha. A user on twitter – Series of events: 1. News about Sam new movie 2. Pooja Hegde got jealous and insulted Samantha 3. Later Pooja acted as if her account is hacked 4. Then Queen showing victory symbol. He refers Samantha as a Queen. Samantha Ruth Prabhu has shared a picture with a smiling face and a peace symbol. She didn’t caption it. It is almost like she doesn’t care anything about what others will say about her beauty.

Some of the reaction from Samantha fans. We have seen her fans posting a picture of Pooja Hegde’s crying picture from Aravindha Sametha which has become a meme in those days, comparing to a B-grade actress and they’re also posting not-so-good-looking pictures of Pooja Hegde. Samantha’s makeup artist, Sadhna Singh has shared a picture of samantha and captioned the image as -“If this isn’t pretty then what is?” with a thinking emoji. A user has posted a screenshot in which he has searched in google images-” Most Prettiest Actress, in which Samantha Pictures are right on top.” He questions pooja Hegde, Are you happy?

Only she knows what happened. Whether it is really hacked? Whether is she covering up according to Samantha fans? We never know. Pooja Hegde has shared a picture of her friend, Aditi Shetty laying on bed and captioned the image as ” How we spend quality time.” It’s like nothing actually happened, she quickly moved on. Will she react to Samantha fans and give appropriate answer to them? Did Samantha and Pooja talked about this? only time will tell. So Stay tuned.

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