Samantha Interaction With Fans

Annapurna College of Film and Media has announced yesterday that Samantha Akkineni will come live at 4Pm today. Before coming to live she has done a mini Q & A on Twitter. She has answered some interesting questions.

Q) A user suggested her to wear a Orange color outfit fot the upcoming webinar.
A) I don’t think I have any. ( she answeredd that she doesn’t have orange colored outfit. She answered with a sad emoticon.)
Q) A fan asked her to suggest her a movie because he’s bored
A) Jojo Rabbit was my favorite movie in a while.Jojo Rabbit is a Comedy Drama film, which was released last year. it is based on a novel ‘Caging Skies’
Q) A user asked about her favorite movie ever?
A) The sound of music from childhood. This is very old movie, which was released in 1965. A musical drama film directed and produced by Robert Wise. It hass won many records and has been highest grossing film for five years till 1970.
Q) A word about Rana and Miheeka relationship.?
A) She replied with a heart.
Q) One thing you learnt during this quarantine?
A) That you don’t have to run after a dream, the dream can be at home also with family.
Q) A user asked about the dish she has learnt during the lockdown?
A) Shakshuka. Shakshuka is made with Red Bell Pepper, Eggs, Chilli and Tomatoes. This is dish is famous in Tunisia.
Q) A user asked about Ram charan and upasana?
A) She replied with ‘ I really really adore them’ with a hug emoticon.
Q) A user has posted picture of Samantha hugging her fan, who is so emotional and literally crying. He asked about how does she feel when she meet fans like these?
A) I hope I am worth it.
Q) Tea or coffee person?
A) Black Coffee
Q) She has shared a video of her showing her new roof top garden in her house through social media. A user has appreciated by saying It is great I love it.
A) She replied with ‘My new passion’
Q) A user asked her about one thing she is most proud of?
A) You must be proud of the person you are. more than anything. you must be prouf of who you are. because you only get one shot at it. some inspirational words from Samantha Akkineni
Q) A user asked about her husband, Naga chaitanya in one word?
A) Happiness
Q) A user asked about Ram Pothineni. Will you ever do a movie with Ram, we fans are waiting?
A) She replied with ‘Haha I will die having to match up’
Q) A user asked about her dog, hash and what is he doing now?
A) She posted a video of him sleeping.
Q) A user asked about both Akhil and Naga Chaitanya?
A) She replied with ‘ Best Genes’
Q) A user shared that Samantha gets in her dreams everyday. But will samantha gets her fans in her dreams?
A) She replied with ‘ What are you saying, what are these dreams, do share’ ( I guess she didn’t understand)
Q) One word about her mother in law, Amala Akkineni?
A) Friend and Guide
Q) What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
A) To listen to things that is being said which aren’t true.(Some fans are already started comparing this answer to yesterday’s battle with Pooja Hegde.)
Q) Best thing about Rashmika Mandanna?
A) I think she’s incredibly hard working. Those dance steps (with a shocking emoji) Rashmika Mandanna is known for her dancing skills. A video of her is doing rounds on social media in which we can see hr training back flip for Sarileru Nekevvaru movie.we have also seen her amazing steps from Bheeshma movie.
Q) Who is working out more in Gym? Chaitanya or you?
A) Chaitanya
Q) What’s your way of staying fit and favourite thing to do in this quarantine?
A) I am trying intermittent fasting. Also, Because I am forced too. Because I eat biryani for lunch every other day and love spicy food. I have finished 3 bottles of Pickle already. So I assume fasting will make me a good girl again. (We never know that Samantha is a foodie.)
Q) A word about fans?
A) she replied with Strength and weakness.
Q) A user asked whether she is having mangoes, as this is a mango season.
A) She replied with two. (How she still stays fit is hard to understand)
Q) Ever had a crush on Animated Character?
A) Mega Mind.
Q) What’s your reply to your haters? (Most awaited question)
A) Unfortunately for you, you don’t realize that you inspire me. Compliments make me lazy insults propel me to give me best work. So Thank you.