Sami Zayn Defeated Daniel Bryan

This is not one of the best matches comparing to other matches. But it was unexpected result. Sami defeated Bryan with a not-so regular Helluva kick. The match has started with bryan chasing Zayn until Cesaro and Nakamura interfered. Drew Gulak took up Nakamura and Cesaro. Zayn took a lot of beating from bryan but another series of distractions from Cesaro and Nakamura made Bryan distracted and just when Bryan jumped from the top rope, Sami Zayn hit with glorified Helluva Kick.

Some of the reactions from the WWE Universe:

  • You are a hero and you will remain a hero from now and forever
  • When you realise 90 percent of the match was running around the ring
  • Only reason why Sami kept the title is because he had help keeping it. He is such a damn cheater.
  • Sami is one annoying guy.
  • All I could think of watching @SamiZayn was what a freakin wuss and Daniel was obviously paid to let him win. Worst match ever.
  • Worse match ever.
  • I can’t stand this guys ego even if it is for entertainment….
  • That’s not a good thing
  • 2 guys with that much skill and that’s how the match happened??