Sangeeta Bijlani : Value Human Connections

Former Miss India and Wife of Azharuddin, Sangeeta Bijlani has today shared picture of her sitting on stairs wearing black top with denim jeans and black boots. She captioned the image as -“And at the end of the day when the dust eventually settles down, and things come back to normal, everyone will realise how much they have and how little one really needs to live and hopefully everyone will begin to value human connections more than the material things.”

We know she went through a lot after her relation with Azharuddin ended. She’s an inspiration to many. If you ever feel down, check her quotes on her posts on social media. She believes everything is temporary in this life and nothing stays forever. She believes in enjoying everyday because you never know what happens tomorrow. After this lockdown, she hopes human realises the value of other human and not the material things such as electronics.

She’s so kind hearted that she doesn’t want to see a fly getting hurt. She has today shared a story of how one of the fly in her farm is holding on to the strong winds. She mentioned the fly as a little visitor.