Shahid Kapoor’s Q & A

Shahid Kapoor has got enough time to answers his followers questions on social media because of this lockdown. He has answered some interested questions and got to know more about him.

He started the session by answering about his family and asked the same question in return.
Q) How are you? How is your family?
A) We are all well. With gods grace. Hope you are well. And safe. Much love.
On the occasion of mother’s day yesterday, A user asked about Shahid’s mother.
Q) Do you miss your mom yesterday?
A) Yes a lot. But we spoke at length on FaceTime.
A user asked about his movie Kabir Singh and Award ceremonies
Q) Do you feel disappointed that your Kabir Singh performance wasn’t appreciated by the awards ceremonies because of the controversy surrounding it?
A) On the contrary. I can’t be thankful enough for the love you all have it. I am because of you all. ( He hasn’t answered the questions properly for obvious reasons, last thing he wants is to get into trouble and start a new controversy in these difficult times.)
We know about Kohli and how he keeps changing his appearance.
Q) Few words about Kohli?
A) Like his new Look.
A user asked about working with his father in his upcoming film
Q) Experience working with pankaj kapoor ji in Jersey
A) I still get nervous sharing the frame with him. ( Apparently, Shahid still gets nervous when he’s with dad)
Q) One user asked Shahid how to stay positive during this difficult time?
A) Make a schedule for structure. Have some goals. Do stuff you didn’t have time for. Enjoy the family time. That’s the best part.
A user asked about his upcoming film, Jersey.
Q) Huge Expectations From Jersey After Kabir Singh, Pls Share Something About It With Us?
A) Just trying our best to make a good film. But I am very happy with whatever we have done so far. Really enjoying the journey and the team. (This is one of the classical hits of natural star nani’s career and one of the finest films of tollywood, fans expectations will be huge after Kabir Singh.Hopefully Shahid Kapoor can satisfy his fans)
A user went back to his school days
Q) Are you interested in Mathematics in school days?
A ) Not at all ( He ended his answer with ‘!!!!’ we can guarantee that he’s not a fan of the subject)
Q) user asked about his favorite sweet dish?
A) Vanilla and Gulab Jamum ( classic dish)
A user asked about his job in the lockdown
Q) Cooking, Dishes and clothes?
A) My department is dishes, what is yours? ( He questioned the user back)
A user asked about his favorite sport
Q) Football or cricket?
A) Cricket, obviously he’s going to answer cricket especially when his upcoming movie is based only on cricket.
A user asked about Stylish star
Q) One word about Allu Arjun ( people love Allu Arjun, not to forget how David Warner is working on his Tik Tok based on Allu Arjun’s last movie Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo )
A) Love his dancing skills (100’s of celebrities has done his Buttabomma song steps including Shilpa shetty, Disha Patani has even put on a story and questioned how he can dance with ease)
He ended the Q & A with words ” Spread love and be kind, Give what you can and always believe. This shall pass too.Goodnight.”
(This shall pass too is in reference to Covid)