Shayna Baszler Lost To Becky Lynch

This was the most hyped up match among all the matches. The Cage Fighter Shayna Vs The Man Becky Lynch. WWE Universe finally thought Shayna will take the title of Becky after whats happening on RAW from past few weeks. Shayna literally took the chunk out of Becky’s neck. The match was all about Clutches and Armbars. Baszler got the control of Lynch by choking her. She tossed becky lynch numerous times like a ball. But it ended up as a Becky Lynch win after Becky rolled up for a pinfall by reversing Kirifuda clutch. Check out some of the mixed reactions from the WWE Universe.

  • Never bet against The Man
  • You win which means we have to endure more of your painful promos
  • yawn
  • Almost 365 Days as Becky Red Belt
  • Shayna needed to win. Becky is like the hulk hogan of this era. She’s stale and boring, I can’t wait until she drops it.
  • Congrats Becky keep up the Awesome title reign
  • I didn’t doubt you, when the whole world did cause you are the measuring stick of the women’s division
  • I love that you beat Shayna the exact same way you beat Ronda, a sneaky pin out of the certain doom finish.
  • Absolute trash finish, so status quo I guess
  • well any push she had is gone so, yep.
  • She frickin eliminated everyone in the chamber with ease but loses to Becky lol
  • nobody can take Becky as a champion anymore, only her fans who are content with anything
  • She will become champion again soon, All Hail Queen of Spades
  • Shayna we are angered this has happened. On behalf of your fans were sorry this even happened. Vengeance will be yours.