Shotzi Blackheart.Future?

Shotzi Blackheart! Is she the future of the women’s division? Fans love her so much. WWE fans think she will be the next big thing out of NXT! Check our some of the reviews of Shotzi Blackheart

  • Dakota Kai picks up the W but Shotzi Blackheart stood out in this one, she beat four other women before losing and came so close to winning. Right winner with Kai but Shotzi has a big future in NXT for sure.
  • Very good women’s gauntlet match on #WWENXT. Dakota Kai was the one I probably would have picked for the sixth spot, but Shotzi Blackheart had a hell of a showing. Glad to see her continue to get time.
  • Dakota Kai should have already been in. But great showing from Kofi…I mean Shotzi Blackheart.
  • Shotzi Blackheart got put over strong during the 2nd chance gauntlet. Almost winning the whole thing if it wasn’t for Raquel’s constant interference. She should be in the title mix by the end of the year.
  • Xia Li tapped! Aliyah tapped! Now Shotzi Blackheart has to get thru Kayden Carter
  • Dakota Kai wins, Shotzi Blackheart looks like a rising star and all is right in the #WWENXT Universe. Gotta love the results of this #GauntletMatch!
  • How about Shotzi Blackheart? What a performance from the newcomer tonight! @Shotziblack #WWENXT #GauntletMatch
  • I was out of breath for real after the second chance gauntlet on NXT, Shotzi Blackheart ran that whole show she was SO GOOD #wrestleposting.

Even though Dakota won the match. It is Shotzi Blackheart who won the hearts of WWE Universe. Positive things are going to happen for Shotzi in the future as things stand. One to watch for sure!