Shruti Seth : Loving Who I’m Loving At

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do Actress Shruti Seth has shared a image of her staring at the mirror. She has posted an interesting caption. She reminded everyone about what is going on right now and sent her love to her followers. Her caption reads -“Day 67, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a mirror and loving who I’m looking at. Be kind to yourself right now, you’re living through a cataclysmic event in history. Just focus on getting through a day at a time. Be grateful for your privileges. Pass them on, the best way you can. Don’t stress about what you cannot control. Do whatever gives you joy and peace. Live each day well. Hold on to the love you have. Love thyself. And most importantly hang on, this too shall pass. Sending you all love, strength and peace.” Check out the image

She asked her fans to be kind to yourself during this difficult times and asked them to take step by step and be grateful for the privileges. Also, asked her followers to do whatever they love and to hang on.She has been updating every day and mentioning the lockdown day. Yesterday she has posted the picture of the dish Shakshuka she has prepared for the breakfast and asian salad and momos for lunch. She also revealed that there are days where she relied on Maggi. She has also posted the story of the food which is prepared by her husband Danish Aslam. She has also revealed that he is a dessert lover and has been watching Master chef.