Simran Choudhary : Next Sprain Won’t Stop Me

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi Actress Simran Choudhary has today shared a picture of her lying on bed and reading a book, but there’s a twist here. We have seen her reading book, which is on floor and her lying backwards. It’s because she has a neck pain, but she says, neck sprain doesn’t stop her from reading the books. well if you’re a avid reader of books, you can understand the love for books. During this lockdown, actresses are trying their best to pass the time in various ways.

One of the comment reads- We don’t even open the book before exam and how can you people read with neck sprain? Well, Once you turn into a habitual reader, books call us to complete the story. Simran Choudary will be next seen in Bhombhaat, poster is revealed by Puri Jagannath.