Sonal Chauhan Expectation vs Reality

Sonal Chauhan has been very active on the social media very lately because of lockdown. Today she has posted a Expectation vs Reality picture. which hits right in the feels. She has shared two pictures. First, She was seen wearing a face pack and taking a nap and relaxing for which she referred as “Pic 1 – Daydreaming about a holiday in Paris” She has shared another picture in which she was staring the cam and referred it as “waking up to reality that I still have Jhadoo Pocha and Dusting to finish” It is evident that helpers are not visiting homes because of social distancing and lockdown because of coronavirus.

whether you’re a celebrity or a non celebrity, one has to do the Jhadoo Pocha and Dusting and there’s no option to avoid, unless you don’t have any concern about cleanliness, which is very important during the pandemic. check out her pictures.

She also believes that she has discovered during this lockdown that she’s a professional napper.