Support For Pooja Hegde

To understand the whole scenario. please Check this Samantha Fans Angry On Pooja Hegde before proceeding.

We’ve seen the hashtag Pooja Must Apologize Samantha since morning. But everything has changed around 10Pm today. We have seen Samantha Makeup Artist posting about Samantha, Chinmayi Sripada’s Long post on why samantha is the beautiful and Samantha’s Oh Baby director Nandu Reddy has also shared her view on why she’s beautiful. But everything got changed when Samantha, Nandu and Chinmayi had a chat about ‘Hacking’ in the comment section, which was deleted now. Check this screenshot, you’ll find out why, people are hating on Samantha, Nandu and Chinmayi right now.

We can see, Nandu Reddy started the conversation with ‘What the HACK. Love you too.’ To which Samantha replied -‘Rofl, Evil with a laughing emoji. That’s why you are my best friend.’ Nandu Reddy again replied with a ‘hack’ word – My brain got hacked by evil aliens. then Chinmayi Sripaada entered the chat with ‘Please love me, my account isn’t HACKED.’ Nandu Reddy replied with ‘You need to be evil to be HACKED please apply after upgrade.’ Samantha ended the chat with ‘All jokes on HACKING are suspended until further notice.’

Things are getting worse for Samantha Ruth Prabhu, fans didn’t expect this from her, for someone who has been very decent since the start of her career. she is know for her good attitude. we should wait and watch how this will pan out. A new hashtag trend has started in support of Pooja Hegde, We support Pooja Hegde. Fans are digging the old posts of Chinmayi and comparing to her new tweets. Even Samantha has deleted one of the tweet, we have seen her posting a glowing selfie of her with a peace sign. For which Mahesh Koneru replied with ‘Kill them with your success and bury them with your pretty smile.’ Samantha retweeted with a Hug and praying emoji.

Fans have started digging old tweets of Chinmayi where she tweeted that she hates the fan wars. In one of the tweets she mentioned -She made a rallying call to all the actors to address their fans to stop abusing on social media and make ugly hashtags trend. This fan war abuse is an indian epidemic. I’m yet to see people who call themselves fans, or paint themselves as someone’s fans while they are ‘rival’ fans indulge in such abhorrent, psychopathic behavior.

People are also calling out Samantha for her double standards during Arjun Reddy film.

Only time will tell, how this is goin’ to end. Will Pooja Hegde react to this? Will Samantha, Nandu and Chinmayi reacts to their deleted chat? We will find out soon. Stay tuned.