Taapsee Pannu On Badla

Taapsee Pannu has today shared a picture of her making the same pose as the girl in the photoframe in the photo. Confusing? Read more! She is goin’ through the memory lane from the past few days sharing how her workk is done, how her interior work in her house was done in her absence. And, today she has shared a picture from Naina Sethi’s Cabin, Naina Sethi is a role she played from the movie Badla. A Thriller film starring Big B. She has played a negative role in the film. The film was a huge hit, Evaru, Telugu flick starring Adivi Sesh and Regina Cessandra is based on this movie. Check out the picture with caption:

Another one from the location of Badla. Actually from Naina Sethi’s cabin. Trust only her to have such a poster in her professional cabin.
But let me admit it was a fun change to play the not so nice character on screen. As an actor if one doesn’t get to experiment much it actually feels like a regular desk job which many of us actually gave up to have this edge of the seat career. Every job has its own charm n the fact we can live so many lives inone life is the charm of being an actor.

She says every actor must experiment with their roles to get the satisfaction. If the actor doesn’t experiment , it will be like a 9-6 job, which is not exciting for Taapsee. She loved being an actor. No wonder, she is such an amazing actress with lot of talent and dedication.