Bayley Retains Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bayley succesfully defending her smackdown women’s championship against 5 other superstars that includes Sasha Banks, Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina Snuka in a five way Elimination match. After what happened last week with Tamina dominating other superstars, it was Tamina who got eliminated first with all the superstars got together and pinned her. The boss and hug connection teamed up against The Sassy southern Belle Lacey Evans and Naomi. Next up, it was Naomi who got eliminated by Sasha Banks. She tapped out for Banks Statement. 3rd elimination was Sasha Banks as Bayley accidentally hits Sasha with a running knee. Later Lacey defeated Banks with a Women’s Right punch. It was Bayley vs Lacey as the final two. It looked like time has come for Lacey Evans to win the championship until the interference from Sasha Banks happened. she returned to rink and gave her a bank statement which helped Bayley to pin the opponent. It was a great match. Lacey Evans and Naomi moves are the highlight of the match. WWE Universe enjoyed the match, but some section of the fans just doesn’t like Bayley as a champion Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe:

  • Trash
  • Not a soul wanted this
  • Exactly nobody wanted that Bayley to win. Lacey or Tamina should’ve won.
  • I’m fine with it. Way Better than becky beating Shayna
  • Please get the Smackdown women’s championship off Bayley.
  • I insist I had never seen a boring heel like Bayley…I prefer Corbin
  • Sasha should’ve turned
  • My God Bayley is still champion. Vince made the right choice.
  • Bayley is so boring , C’mon give it to Sasha or anyone else.
  • Lacey Evans should have won the match!
  • Great match, Garbage champion.
  • Hate it. She is such a horrible heel.
  • Literally no one wanted this. Why do you have to ruin an already medicore Wrestlemania?



Original Name: Pamela Rose Martinez
Date of Birth: June 15, 1989
Place: United States
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Trained by: Jason Styles, WWE Performance Center
Debut: 2008
Accomplishments: WWE NXT, Raw, Smackdown, Women’s Tag Team Champion, Money in the bank winner, First WWE Women’s Grand Slam Champion, NXT Female Competitor of the Year in 2015, Match of the year vs Sasha Banks, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Most Improved in 2015, Rolling Stone, NXT Match of the year in 2015, NXT Title Feud of the year in 2015, Sports Illustrated Ranked No of top 10 women’s wrestler of the year in 2019, Pro Wrestling Illustrated Inspirational Wrestler of the year in 2015 and 2016, Match of the year in 2015, Ranked No 5 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2016 and 2017
Social Media: Instagram: itsmebayley , Twitter: itsBayleyWWE