Raw After Wrestlemania

Raw after Wrestlemania always comes with different kind of surprises like returning of the superstars, new champs and what not!

  • Raw Started Off with Liv Morgan vs Asuka. even though Liv Morgan impressed, It was Empress of Tomorrow who came out as a winner. She made Liv tapout with her finishing move, Asuka Lock (winner:Asuka)
  • Street Profits(Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, Bianca Belair vs Angel Garza, Austin Theory and Zelina Vega.Match was actually a Tag Team match between Street profits and Angel Garza, Austin Theory, with no divas involved. But because of the interference of Zelina Vega, Ref called it a win for Street Profits by disqualification. Belair then came to ring to challenge Zelina Vega for a match which ended in a no contest because a brawl broke out. So, Street Profits challenged all the three for a 6 man tag team match. Streetprofits defeated Angel Garza, Austin and Vega. It was Bianca who pinned Zelina after K.O.D (winner:Street Profits and Bianca Belair)
  • Aleister Black vs Apollo Crews. This is the highlight of today’s Raw. Also, This is the longest match for Aleister Black on Raw. This match has everything. Apollo Crews took Alesiter Black to places where no one has ever done till now. Despite all the fforts and hardwark, Alesiter Black pinned Apollo Crews after the famous Black Mass! BAM! (winner:Aleister Black)
  • Cedric Alexander and Ricochet vs Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. It was an interesting match. looks like WWE wants to use Cedric and Ricochet as a tag team. They both have enough talent to go to higher places.Cedric and Ricochet combined well and has done some aerial moves on Oney and Danny. At the end, Cedric and Ricochet won by pinfall (winner: Cedric Alexander and Ricochet)
  • Seth Rollins vs Denzel Dejournette. Nothing special to say about his match. It was a casual squash match where seth dominated and pinned Denzel after a stomp. (winner: Seth Rollins)
  • Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazzo. Finally Nia Jax has returned. She showed some great strength as usually. A squash match at this time is not needed. She has already established as a top superstar. A squash match now is unnecessary. (winner: Nia Jax)
  • Humberto vs Brendan Vink. 6 feet 5 Brendan Vink dominated with his strength early in the match but it was Humberto who came out as winner after moonsaults. A dim match which has nothing to mention about. (winner: Humberto)
  • The match started off with Big Show trying to chop the hell out of Drew McIntyre. But it was reversed by Drew with a giant slam. Even though Big Show Chokeslammed Drew moments later, it was not enough to pin Drew. Drew, a moments later pinned Big Show with a Claymore Kick (winner: Drew McIntyre)

This Raw has nothing special comparing to other Raw after Wrestlemania. Apart from Apollo Crew vs Aleister Black, there are no highlights. It was boring, squash matches.


Charlotte Flair Defeated Rhea Ripley

Charlotte defeated Rhea Ripley with a submissive manoeuvre, a gorified figure four, a Figure Eight. Both the wrestlers went against each other with hard hitting strikes. Early in the match Rhea Hit Charlotte with a slam, but it is not enough for Rhea to put Charlotte down. After series of moves Charlotte flair gained control and performed a figure eight on Rhea Ripley. It was a great match and hopeffuly Rhea Riply didn’t get buried as she has a lot to offer to the WWE Universe. She is one of talented workers in the WWE at the moment. Match has been good but the WWE Universe didn’t like the fact that Charlotte has won the title(Again!). Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe:

  • Most overrated WWE Superstar in history. It’s not even debatable.
  • Charlotte has buried asuka and now rhea ripley? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, DADDY’S GIRL WILL NEVER STOP OR WHAT?
  • Io better take the title aways from her
  • Actually… the black and gold don’t want you here. Go back to playing daddy’s girl on raw
  • The matches that are going to come out of this is just too much excitement for my body
  • Both Shayna Baszler and Rhea Ripley got robbed, why are we happy for Charlotte winning ANOTHER championship? She’s the female Hulk Hogan “posing” when she wants, literally having a title match at now the last five
  • This woman is by far the most overrated and overpushed wrestler in the history of women’s wrestling, PERIOD!
  • Charlotte vs Rhea was far away better than the awful Becky vs Shayna. Charlotte Flair vs Io Shirai at Summerslam?
  • Wow Vince is legit burying NXT isn’t he???
  • Ugh. How totally uninteresting.
  • Such an insult to Rhea Ripley and nxt to have Charlotte win. So bad. Undeserving never earned another title handed her
  • Not my champion. Anyone but her deserved it. Belair, LeRae, Shirai, Nox, etc.
  • NXT is to build new stars. Not bring Charlotte back.
  • Now give us Charlotte vs. Bianca and Charlotte vs. Io to show the Raw Champion how wrestling is actually done.

Aleister Black Defeats Bobby Lashley

Alesiter Black defeated Lashley with his Black Mass. There is going to be onlyy one winner. so the result didn’t suprise the WWE Universe. The highlight of this match Aleister Black’s Gear with two horns, props to the designer. After both wrestlers going at each other, it was Bobby Lashley who took control of Alesiter Black, he was ready to do Dominator Slam, but Lana, wife of Rusev(lol), encouraged her Bobby to Spear Aleister Black instead of dominator. just when Lashley tried to spear, Aleister reverse with a Black Mass! Boom! Aleister Black deserves the push he’s getting. Hope this will be end of Lana’s ongoing relation with Bobby Lashley. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE universe.

  • American Badass Taker vs Aliester next year
  • Good job Lana. I hope this the beginning of the end of their “relationship”.
  • small detail, but I loved Bobby Lashley’s kickout attempt after 3, it’s so under-utilized
  • BlxckMass has to be currently the best finisher move in WWE
  • The American Badass likes this post.
  • Pointless but thank you.
  • A good end to this hot personal rivalry.
  • That connection was absolutely beautiful
  • Bobby Lashley “selling” that Black Mass……. by just getting up after the three count.
  • Black vs McIntyre please
  • Ok now kill this Lana/Lashley story
  • Black Mass needs to be the most protected finisher right now

Edge Defeated Randy Orton, But It was A Boring Match

This was the most hyped up match. But it didn’t reach the expecations of the Wrestlemania fans. This was too long, stale and boring. The opening of the match was the only highlight. Randy Orton dressed up as a cameraman and when the Randy Orton music played, he hit Edge with the RKO. but the match went on and on till the WWE universe got bored of it. They wrestled everywhere starting from the ring to the truck.Finally the match ended on a truck where Edge won with numerous chair shots on Orton. Everyone thought this will be the highlight of the Wrestlemania after what happened over the past few weeks and the story building of this bout has been a highlight. but the match and commentatory failed. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe.

  • Too long wwe
  • Legends. Did a last man standing match and gave a full tour of the performance center. [LMAO]
  • Good ending, but that went on waaaaay too long.
  • Went a bit too long but a great physical match and excellent storytelling.
  • Whether you like the length of the match or not, you gotta give it to both guys. Edge especially going that long for his first match in nearly a decade is insane.
  • What a match it was slow but told a great story
  • Great finish but that dragged way to much
  • Good Match but it was way too long
  • Man that match was 9 years too long
  • Im exhausted from watching this
  • Same people complain about Goldberg match’s being to short are same ones complaining about this one being to long
  • Pretty long, but awesome match! Edge still got it

Firefly Fun House Match Review

This match has everything. visiting past gimmicks, past moves and what not. And yeah, special mention to Bray Wyatt for singing Nikki Bella’s theme song on John Cena face. That was too good to be true. check it out:

Just like yesterday’s match between the Phenomenol AJ Styles vs The Phenom Undertaker in a Bone yard match. This was another filmy match which is as good as the boneyard match. It was like Bray Whatt playing all the gimmicks John used in his wrestling career. There was this Cena’s debut vs Kurt Angle, Dr of Thuganomics and not to forget about Cena’s match against Bray Wyarr at Wrestlemania 30. There are some mysterious events happened as John Cena acted as Hulkamania and Bray Wyatt acted as Eric Bischoff.After all the drama ends, Bray Wyatt is back as The Fiend and defeated John Cena with Mandible Claw. This is probably the greatest ever match in the Wrestlemania history. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe, they cenrtainly enjoyed it.

  • The Firefly Funhouse Match is the best match in the history of professional wrestling.
  • firefly funhouse match gonna be cenas first Oscar
  • Firefly Funhouse match rewards you if you’re a lifelong wrestling fan, and that I can appreciate
  • I’m fighting anyone who says that the Firefly Funhouse Match was bad. Beautifully executed in all aspects.
  • Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about my lord and savior the Firefly Funhouse Match?
  • When you think the #FireflyFunhouseMatch is going to be stupid, but ends up being very entraining.
  • Your talent amazes me @WWEBrayWyatt What an incredible #FireflyFunhouseMatch So freaking proud! [A tweet from Jojo Offerman]
  • And the 2020 Oscar for Best Director: IT’S A TIE between whoever directed the Boneyard Match and whoever directed Firefly FunHouse
  • there’s been a mistake. firefly funhouse match you guys won best picture. this isn’t a joke.
  • I have no words. #FireflyFunhouseMatch is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Wow.
  • Bray Wyatt just played mind games with all of us. Brilliant
  • Holy hell!!! #FireflyFunhouseMatch was stunning. Couldn’t take my eyes away. Absolutely captivating [Nikki Cross]
  • I’ve nae idea what’s going on here but I love it.

Drew McIntyre Pinned Brock Lesnar

The final match of this year’s 2 day Wrestlemania has ended on a high note with Drew McIntyre defeating The Conqueror Brock Lesnar and become a new WWE Champion. It took MxIntyre 3 claymore Kicks to pin Brock Lesnar. Match started off with both men goign at each other. Lesnar took McIntyre to Suplex City and three F5’s but it is not enough for Brock to pin Drew. A fairly average match with a positive result at the end. not having a crowd certainly didn’t help the wrestlers. The highlight of the match is when Drew McIntre Kicked out at 1. The reaction of Brock Lesnar at that point is pure gold. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe :

  • I’m pleased Drew won, but why does every match between two big guys literally consist of finisher after finisher? It’s so boring
  • A man fulfilling the dream of his life.
  • Took a while but he really is the chosen one.
  • W… don’t put a title on Lesnar again
  • Imagine paying Brock Lesnar 12 mil a year to have a total of 5 minutes of screen time…just dump the clown please
  • Really wish we could’ve seen Drew win in front of a huge crowd, but we’ll take it.
  • Well no more Brock Party… It’s been shutdown!
  • Absolutely fantastic!
  • Brock Lesnar-Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan-Kofi Kingston, all of whom competed for the Universal Championship and WWE Championship respectively at last year’s WrestleMania 35, have all lost at this year’s WrestleMania 36. Let that sink in.
  • Imagine the pop McIntyre would’ve gotten!
  • I stopped watching wrestling years ago when he was still a 3MB jobber, and now he’s here. Impressive

Wrestlemania Day 2 Matches

This year’s Wrestlemania is completely different. There will be 2 days of Wrestlemania. Day 1 is already out. Now it’s time for Day 2. Check out the match list :

  • Firefly Funhouse match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.
  • Edge vs. Randy Orton.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley (champion) vs. Charlotte Flair.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits (champion) vs. Angel Garza and Austin Theory.
  • Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler.
  • Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley.
  • WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (champion) vs. Drew McIntyre.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (champion) vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks vs. Tamina.

Wrestlemania Day 1 Results:

  • Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss defeated Kabuki Warriors, Asuka and Kairi Sane to win Women’s Tag Team Championship
  • Elias defeated Baron Corbin
  • Becky Lynch defeated Shayna Baszler to retain Raw Women’s Championship
  • Sami Zayn defeated Daniel Bryan to retain Intercontinental Championship
  • John Morrison defeated Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso to retain SmackDown Tag Titles in a Ladder Match
  • Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins
  • Braun Strowman defeated Goldberg for the Universal Championship
  • Undertaker defeated AJ Styles in a boneyard match

Cross And Bliss Won Tag Team Championships

Wrestlemania started off with Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss squaring off against the Tag Team Champions Kabuki Warriors (Kairi Sane and Asuka). Match was ended when Alexa Bliss finished off with Twisted Bliss on Kairi. Interesting match with so many interesting moments.Match was started in a funny way. Alexa Bliss and Kairi Sane started off the match in a funny way imitating and making fun of each other. but it was Kairi Sane, who got slapped. Special props to Asuka, she really knows how to work in the ring even without the fans, unlike Nikki Cross, who is clapping to the empty crowd. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe:

  • Kairi’s last Mania, she gets to lose. Asuka loses another Mania match. What a nice company the WWE is
  • Cross owned that match. Good for her.
  • Except Bliss missed her move. She landed on Sane’s legs. (Finisher went wrong)
  • I’m so tired of WWE doing this to Asuka & Kairi. They are the best on that damn roster but of course Vince would make this kind of call. I hope they ask for their release cause this is annoying. They could easily run though this roster.
  • Lol someone is letting their contract expire and going back to Stardom in Japan ( In reference to Kairi Sane)
  • Damn, asuka can’t have a wrestlemania victory for nothing. this is tragic
  • Alexa finally gets her first WrestleMania victory! #BlissCrossApplesauce for the win!
  • Fantastic match wrong winners
  • Great match. The cut scene with the Kairi Sane off the top rope was very good
  • Wwe loves making the best workers and most over talent lose no reason Asuka and Kairi should have lost there more talented more over with fans no disrespect to there opponents but horrible booking
  • And the crowd goes wild congratulations Alexa and Nikki

Shayna Baszler Lost To Becky Lynch

This was the most hyped up match among all the matches. The Cage Fighter Shayna Vs The Man Becky Lynch. WWE Universe finally thought Shayna will take the title of Becky after whats happening on RAW from past few weeks. Shayna literally took the chunk out of Becky’s neck. The match was all about Clutches and Armbars. Baszler got the control of Lynch by choking her. She tossed becky lynch numerous times like a ball. But it ended up as a Becky Lynch win after Becky rolled up for a pinfall by reversing Kirifuda clutch. Check out some of the mixed reactions from the WWE Universe.

  • Never bet against The Man
  • You win which means we have to endure more of your painful promos
  • yawn
  • Almost 365 Days as Becky Red Belt
  • Shayna needed to win. Becky is like the hulk hogan of this era. She’s stale and boring, I can’t wait until she drops it.
  • Congrats Becky keep up the Awesome title reign
  • I didn’t doubt you, when the whole world did cause you are the measuring stick of the women’s division
  • I love that you beat Shayna the exact same way you beat Ronda, a sneaky pin out of the certain doom finish.
  • Absolute trash finish, so status quo I guess
  • well any push she had is gone so, yep.
  • She frickin eliminated everyone in the chamber with ease but loses to Becky lol
  • nobody can take Becky as a champion anymore, only her fans who are content with anything
  • She will become champion again soon, All Hail Queen of Spades
  • Shayna we are angered this has happened. On behalf of your fans were sorry this even happened. Vengeance will be yours.

Sami Zayn Defeated Daniel Bryan

This is not one of the best matches comparing to other matches. But it was unexpected result. Sami defeated Bryan with a not-so regular Helluva kick. The match has started with bryan chasing Zayn until Cesaro and Nakamura interfered. Drew Gulak took up Nakamura and Cesaro. Zayn took a lot of beating from bryan but another series of distractions from Cesaro and Nakamura made Bryan distracted and just when Bryan jumped from the top rope, Sami Zayn hit with glorified Helluva Kick.

Some of the reactions from the WWE Universe:

  • You are a hero and you will remain a hero from now and forever
  • When you realise 90 percent of the match was running around the ring
  • Only reason why Sami kept the title is because he had help keeping it. He is such a damn cheater.
  • Sami is one annoying guy.
  • All I could think of watching @SamiZayn was what a freakin wuss and Daniel was obviously paid to let him win. Worst match ever.
  • Worse match ever.
  • I can’t stand this guys ego even if it is for entertainment….
  • That’s not a good thing
  • 2 guys with that much skill and that’s how the match happened??