The Best Way To Beat Away The Blues : Nikita Sharma

Do Dil Ek Jaan Actress Nikita Sharma has set the internet on fire with her Bikini Pictures which was clicked in Maldives. People didn’t expected this transformation from her. So many people body shamed her. Now can they speak anything on these pics? She also posted another picture of her, in which we can see her wearing a Neon green with Pink combination outfit. She captioned the image as “Back to when times were simpler, travelling was easier and shaking hands with someone wasn’t the worst thing. .”

She has been very active on social media since past few days especially. All the Hindi related shooting have been stalled because of ongoing lock down especially with stricter rules in Maharashtra. She has posted an amazing picture of her with Polka dots top with the caption “DARE. How many times will we allow other people’s opinions of us, affect our happiness? I’ve seen so many people I know (and myself up until very recently), doing something they loved and feeling immense happiness, but on receiving one or two judgmental statements from people, completely changing their personal opinion about it. For too long people have affected how you must feel or what you must do to make yourself feel happy. How about you scrap that idea and do what comes naturally? Do what makes you happy from within. And as for the world.. you weren’t born to please them anyway.” She has been body shamed in the past. She was asking her followers that how many times other’s opinion rubbed on you when you’re having the time of the life. She suggests that everyone should scrap the idea of listening to other people and do what makes you feel happy.