They Kept Asking If I Could Speak Korean: Gail Kim

There is racism everyevery! Gail Kim has recently revealed that WWE Authorities kept asking her if she can speak Korean.

On Racism She faced: “It was around me, just like, the conversations, I even had to have conversations with the office, like, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do here because I do everything you guys ask me to do. I got to the point where I’m like, am I too Asian? I was literally highlighting my hair near the end to become more white, I didn’t know what to do at that point, that’s why I left, because I know I had more to give to this business, and you hired me back for a reason. I did do something and you brought me back for a reason. It just felt really, I don’t know, suppressed, I felt very suppressed.”

On language :“Well they kept on asking me, over and over, can you speak Korean? Can you speak Korean? I’m like, no, I can’t, and then they come back to me three months later, can you speak Korean? I’m like, no, I haven’t learned the language in three months. What are you saying? It was always like, beating around the bush.”

Gail Kim is born in Canada. She is currently working in Impact Wrestling as a producer. She holds dual Citizenship. In 2017 she received American Citizenship. Even though she is 43. She still looks in great shape. check out the reason behind it.

She posted a video working out which is too fast. Check out some of the funny comments:

  • I wish looking that fit only took a minute per day lol
  • Confirmed! Gail Kim is the Flash!
  • This video is way to fast can you do normal move not fast forward , please Gail Kim . Pretty please ?
  • Wow, you’re so fast!