Tiger At Bronx Zoo Tests Positive For COVID

Not even Animals are getting spared from this deadly Coronavirus. There are over 9000 deaths in United states and has recorded most number of cases. Things are getting worse. It was shocking to learn that animals are not getting spared too. A 4 year old Tiger was confirmed yesterday after testing positive for Coronavirus. Also, there are 3 other Tiger and 3 Lions have shown symptoms of deadly Coronavirus. Experts believed it to be the transmission happened from the Zoo keeper who have mild symptoms from Coronavirus.

The statement from the Zoo officials reads- “our cats were infected by a person caring for them who was asymptomatically infected with the virus or before the person developed symptoms”

It is uncommon to have a disease spread from Human to Animals. Tiger named, Nadia was first Animal in United States to test positive. Check out some of reactions :

  • Who in the hell, coughed on a tiger?
  • We can test tigers, but still short of tests for humans?
  • A million humans waiting and the Tiger got a test? Well damn…Netflix is a powerful drug
  • So your government won’t test people but will test a tiger???
  • We don’t have enough tests for humans…so tell me how tigers are getting tested..?
  • How did this tiger get a test but millions of people can’t? (Still wish speedy recovery to tiger)
  • Does this narrow suspicion to cats as the origin source
  • Does this mean our pets are also at risk?
  • Wonder if domestic cats can be infected?
  • Elephants in zoos can catch & spread tuberculosis. 5% of zoo Elephants have TB,it can be spread to humans EASILY. #Covid19 jumped from human to tiger in a ZOO. If zoos open how many visitors & animals will cross contaminate #coronavirus THIS IS SCARY stuff.

This is just getting worse!