Undertaker buried AJ Styles

This is the highlight of today’s Wrestlemania. WWE universe doesn’t about the boneyard match, we never really got the clear details of how it is going to be. It was like a movie scene. a similar buried alive match but in an abondoned mansion.It is safe to say that there will be many Boneyard matches in the future. This was pure 10/10 match!According to various sources, it took 8 hours to shoot the match. The hard work paid off! This was like a dream match especially for the 90s kids who watched undertaker entering on a bike. Check out some of the reactions from the WWE Universe

  • It’s so cool to see Undertaker get everyone hyped on one of his matches again after some of his recent outings left fans less than enthused. Could really extend his career if they decided to do more stuff like the Boneyard match with him going forward.
  • Can’t wait until the undertaker boneyard movie comes out next summer
  • After last night I think I can safely say that my favourite version of The Undertaker isn’t the Deadman, Phenom, or even Biker ‘Taker. It’s Mark McCool.
  • At @wwe Wrestlemania 25-Shawn Michaels and Undertaker had the best match I’ve ever seen. Tonight. Undertaker puts on a spectacle with AJ Styles that was best ‘out of ring’ fight I’ve ever seen. The G.O.A.T. (From JBL)
  • Aj vs Undertaker was story telling taken to new heights. Respect to everyone involved. (From Robert Roode)
  • That Undertaker/AJ Styles Boneyard Match might’ve been my favorite thing I’ve ever watched
  • Just when I thought the Undertaker couldn’t look MORE bad ass, this happened …
  • The Undertaker just had his best match in years it was worth the wait
  • Wow!! Hats off to @AJStylesOrg & @undertaker for the most impressive segment I’ve ever seen in my wrestling fandom lifetime. The entire thing….just off the charts awesome! Thank u both & @WWE for giving us something 2 get our minds off of reality! (From Matt Morgan! )
  • Never in my wrestling lifetime did I think anything could ever touch Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell. It’s my all-time favorite match. It’s the match that made me a fan. #BoneyardMatch was the closest thing I’ve seen to that
  • Absolutely zero reason that WrestleMania 37 can’t be a #BoneyardMatch between Undertaker & Sting. The cinematic format hides everyone’s limitations and opens the doors to endless possibilities. (DREAM MATCH! )
  • Honestly if #WWE ever wanted to do an Undertaker vs Sting match they found the blueprint for it tonight.
  • One of the best things I seen in a while…

Positive reviews only! This will be one of the greatest ever Undertaker’s match in a long history! It is also reported that Kurt Angle said Undertaker to have a fight with the Phenomenol AJ Styles and that will be one of best match of his career.! (If it is true, Kurt Angle, you’re a hero)