Upasana Konidela : It’s Time To Move Ahead

As we all know Upasana Konidela Grandfather, Umapathy Rao has expired 5 days ago and last rites were done yesterday. He witnessed Struggle of Razakar, India’s fight for freedom and many more historic events. He is known as an Urdu Poet and also the first executive officer of TTD. He was a strong believer in the religion of kindness & generosity.Upasana revealed that her grandfather is a former IAS officer and was a man of great principles, selfnessness, generosity and sense of humour. She requested her followers to show the love for him with a smile and not the tears and give her the strength to cope up with the loss. Last rites were performed yesterday in Nizamabad, where a honey bees attacked the family, no one got hurt, thankfully. She has posted a picture of her and captioned the image as -“It’s time to move ahead. As my Grandfather enters the doors of heaven, I move forward with important learnings, happy memories & experiences to cherish forever.”

If there’s anyone who is mentally strong, that would be Upasana, we have seen her on many occasions. From the start of her marriage, she was criticized because of her looks. She won everyone now with her good heart, she has proved that looks doesn’t matter. she is also an environmentalist and someone from whom we can learn a lot.She has also posted a picture of her in which we can see her wearing a Organza top entirely created from the textile scraps and rejects from local designers. It is totally made from waste. She has been not wasting any time during this lockdown as she has been learning organic farming and the ways to reduce the food waste.she posts some interesting tips on her blog urlife, where can see so many DIY, gift ideas and what not. Check out.