Urvashi Rautela Facebook Is Hacked

Glamour Queen, Urvashi Rautela has active in Quarantine because of wrong reasons, first, she has copied the review for Parasate, even though she has history of copying texts, she says, her team has done it. Now, her facebook account is hacked. She has tweeted official facebook account on Twitter : “My Facebook has been hacked please don’t respond to any messages or post as it is not done by me or my team @Facebook @facebookapp.” Mumbai Police has quickly replied to her tweet saying they’ll forward this issue to the Cyber Crime.

Hackers are spreading wrong Information regarding Urvashi Rautela. She has also posted another tweet saying hackers are asking money to get her account back.

We wonder how she has contacted the hackers before the police? We just needs to wait and see how this pans out!