Video: Boris Johnson Update On Coronavirus

Boris Johnson has today given update on his heath condition on Twitter with a caption. you are saving lives by staying at home, so I urge you to stick with it this weekend, even if do have some fine weather. Check out his video below:

Some of the reactions to the video on Twitter

  • We are saving lives by staying at home whilst you sacrificed lives from your position as PM. I didn’t vote, I did not consent to be governed by you & I will use my own common sense over Coronavirus, as so far your advice has not only got yourself infected but caused many deaths.
  • Doing smashingly well chap! Crack on! PM Flag of United KingdomOrange heart
  • No. I will be going for my walk now I no longer have symptoms, and even if I have the virus that I can’t get a test for, no way will I hole myself up because you failed. You knew in January, just like Sturgeon did, this is on YOU. Absentee landlord
  • You and the government are doing a great job, Boris. Ignore the usual suspects who have nothing good to say. Keep going boss man
  • Resign
  • Absolute mess. This is getting ridiculous now, this man is our ‘leader’ and he’s putting our videos in the mist of a national emergency looking like he’s been on a three-day bender. If you still think Johnson is fit to lead our country, you need to get your head checked.
  • Advice from #LyingJohnson that we can all actually get behind.
  • Hope you’re getting back to fighting fit, PM. The country needs you. The vast majority of decent Brits are 100% behind you and we offer grateful thanks for the hard work you and your team are putting in. Thank you all
  • Get well soon Prime Minister and get some rest this weekend.
  • Thanks for letting the Cheltenham Hooray Henry festival go ahead. ¼ MILLION potential virus spreaders now. HOW MANY ACTIVE BEDS AND VENTILATORS AT EXCEL NIGHTINGALE HOSPITAL? Is it God’s waiting room in all but name?
  • Keep getting better and keep calm and kick the Coronavirus in the behind. Send it packing, as you said.