Video : Mandana Karimi Recycling

Mandana Karimi, today has shared a video of her in which she has explained why recycling is good and why she has picked up this habit. In the video, she said ‘Hi guys, this is Mandana Karimi. And, Today I will show you guys one hobbie that I picked out in this lockdown, which is recycling whatever she I’m finding around. The first one I’m going to show is this box where amazon original has sent, I kept this light, Buddha and medidate and I do yoga and in this corner. That is Bottle, I used it as a pot, then this is a coffee bottle and this was a plastic bottle and this ladder I’ve found this in the building and this has already started growing (Money plant)

The other piece I picked up from the street, this piece when they’re cutting trees. I have already washed this, this has some spray on it, I’m still waiting for this to get dry, then I’m going to use my colors. The last piece is this one, where again I found it in my building, so again I already washed, I’m waiting for it to dry, then I can start painting it.The moment it’s ready, I’m going to show you guys the final output. So that was the couple of things I’ve been busy with and it’s a great way to keep you busy in the lockdown. and it is lot of fun when you see the results, If you have any ideas and any suggestions, please let me know and I think it is very important for us to receycle and reuse what we have around us to help the enviroment and to help ourself and it’s a lot of fun, Thank you so much for watching the video. Take care.’ Check out the video

She hasn’t been acting in any movies recently, 2016, Xuanzang is her last movie and in telivision shows, Ishqbaaz is her last serial. She came into limelight after being one of the contestant in Bigg Boss,9 where she was the 2nd runner up.