Video : RGV Coronavirus Trailer

Controversial Director is back with another Trailer. RGV has today shared a trailer video of his upcoming film and also the world’s first corona virus film( story based on corona virus). With Film stars trying to get the permission from government and struggling their best to get approval. Ram Gopal Varma has already released the trailer of his upcoming film. Even though the trailer consists of only 6 people and in a same house, there will be definitely more than 6 people. Check out the trailer

He took a mighty dig on both Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Jagan and Telangana Chief Minister, KCR. If you can listen the audio at the end of the trailer you will find it why! we have known in the past how KCR mentioned about Paracetemol tablet and how Jagan mentioned Bleaching powder. He took a mighty dig at both of them. We should see how their respective fans will react to this. He is already in lot of trouble with Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu, which was released on 29th November 2019. With increase in cases of corona in both Andhra and Telangana, we should see how they’ll react to this, especially when he didn’t even took permission for the shoot.we can guarantee he didn’t follow the guidelines by shooting the film. It was only last week, when the Tollywood stars like Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna and various top people in the Industry have met the Telangana CM to ask about resuming shooting. He was already in trouble by releasing one of the song from his Climax movie just three days back. But that didn’t stop him from releasing this trailer. Agasthya Manju is the director of the film, who worked with him in the past with Lakshmi’s NTR and Beautiful. we can also Krishna Srikanth Iyengar, who has previously worked with RGV with Veerappan movie. He was last seen in Prati Roju Pandage.