Video:Carmella’s Koala Challenge

It’s time for a new Challenge from the internet. It is Koala Challenge, where the partners does the Koala moves on the other. Carmella succesfull done the koala challenge with her partner Corey! Check out the video below and the reactions!


You actually did that completely unassisted?? Thats the first of any of you trying this that I have seen yet. Well done, Mella. All Graves had to do was stand there. Amazing job. Mella is Koala.

It takes a lot of core strength to do what Graves did. That isn’t easy on either side.

So cuuuuuute

Beanie down, beanie down! Y’all are adorable

Ok.. next Women’s Royal Rumble I expect you to go in at #1 and do the Shawn Michaels hour long spider monkey routine of holding on to the ropes in weird positions. Good job!

Better than most I’ve seen Sign of the horns

This is actually the best one of these koala videos I’ve seen

First couple I’ve seen doing it with no hand from the standing partner