Wrestlemania 36 Commercial Video

Ricochet Dancing, Alexa Bliss you can’t see me, Braun and Charolotte Facing off. well, what not! we have seen everything in this video. check out the video below and give us your views.

Some of the reactions to the commercial:

  • That was so cringe
  • you can’t see Alexa Bliss
  • What the hell did I just watch
  • The dancing part is WWE’s current product in a nutshell
  • Makes me want to drink Fanta not watch a wrestling show.
  • I think you have it backward … the second half of the commercial is the terrifying part!
  • Fun fact: John Cena is in the commercial, you just can’t see him
  • I think I just had a vinegar stroke
  • Wtf did I just watch?!?! Whose idea was this?!
  • My days, that was horrendous
  • How can she tell how tough John Cena is if she can’t see him!?
  • Was this a commercial for a K-pop world tour?

and..breath! There are many hilarious reactions from the wrestlemania universe!