WWE Considering Cancelling Wrestlemania: HHH

Check out what he said below :

“We were going through the minute by minute of what was happening,” Triple H said. “It’s amazing how quickly all of this happened. On Wednesday March 11th, we were actually doing an event out of the Performance Center in Orlando that actually had fans at it. And I had mentioned to Vince, ‘Maybe we should leave some of this stuff up just in case, it just seems like things are going in a weird direction very quickly.’ In a 24 hour period after that everything was shutting down. It’s like everybody, playing it by ear. We can also do this in a way from an entertainment standpoint, from a Hollywood standpoint and a fictional standpoint that we can kind of control the environment and do this in a way that really nobody else can. And that’s what we’ve been able to do with WrestleMania. We’ve been able to continue the product, continue to put the event on, do it in the safest way possible, with minimal staff, no fans but we feel like it’s necessary.” “I think [postponing or canceling] was obviously considered but we feel like it’s an obligation for us,” he continued. “Our fans have been there for us for years and years and years and we want to be there for them in this time where everybody is just doing the best to get through this, stuck home and the world needs entertainment right now. We feel an obligation to give them that. Whether it’s exactly what we would like it to be or they would like it to be, it probably won’t be, but it will be a version of that. We will make it the spectacle that it needs to be and that we can to the best of our ability and we’ll give the fans something to be entertained by. Sometimes people get very caught up in what we do, the arguments of what’s happening and why and should’ve done this or that, but at the end of the day if you don’t take it too seriously and you enjoy WWE for what it is, an entertainment source that hopefully we can do what the intent is is putting a smile on your face. If you can forget all that and put it aside and just sit in front of your set and just be entertained by what we do, then we’ve succeeded.”

Wrestlemania is one the biggest event of the WWE. Every WWE superstar dream is to mainevent Wrestlemania. Now theyre considering to suspend Wrestlemania because of deadly Coronavirus. what is wrestlemania without fans? Roman Reigns have admitted that he is not going to wrestle against Goldberg because of the health issues. WWE yet to announce the opponent for Goldberg.

FACT: Wrestlemania 36 will be the first Wrestlemania that Dolph Ziggler will compete in a singles match since his first Wrestlemania appearance at Wrestlamnia 25 ( May be he deserves more chances) There are mixed reviews on Twitter regarding Wrestlemania 36 whether the show must go on or not! Some people doesn’t want WWE to risk the health of WWE Superstars and some people hoping that this will give them some memorable time in this Quarantine time