WWE Raw Review Apr 20

We believe This week’s Raw is better than Smackdown.
Show started with The Champ Drew McIntyre. He addressed Seth Rollins who got attacked last week. He challenged Seth to a Match. But he got interrupted by Zelina, Austin and Angel Garza. Andrade came from behind and attacked, only to receive claymore at the end.

Next up, it was Money in the bank Qualifying match. Aleister Black vs Austin Theory. It has regular interruptions from Zelina. Even though Austin took the advantage but it was not enough for him to hit a ATL. At the end, it Aleister Black hit Black Mass to pin Austin Theory and enter Money in the bank match. He’s getting the push he deserves. It’s funny how Zelina, a real life partner of Aleister is supporting his opponent and yelling at him to play fair.

Shayna Baszler vs Indi Hartwell. Another domination from Shyna Baszler. WWE Creative wants to promote her as a bad and no-nonsense character and this match has added into it. She targeted the arm of Indi just like she targeted Sarah Logan‘s arm last week. She then took it to next level when she brought the ladder and used it to hurt Indi’s arm more.

Victory for Ricochet & Cedric. They defeated NXT Roster, Shane Thorne and Brendon Vink. It was Cedric who pinned Thorne after hitting his finishing move Lumbar Check.They deserved to win after losing last week to Viking Raiders.

Nia Jax defeated Kairi Sane. It was a rematch from last week but the same result. Even though Kairi targeted Nia Jax knee to bring her down. Even though WWE trying to push Nia Jax, WWE universe is not happy with her in ring work, There are some dangerous moves in this match, which could’ve caused Injury to Kairi Sane

Amazing Promo from Seth Rollins. He said Drew is goin’ in the same route he took once, but the only difference is Drew is not brave as him. He also mentioned that WWE currently needs a leader and he’ll be the one.

Mixed reaction from the fans for this one. Apollo Crews defeated Veteran MVP. MVP started off with his good ol’ trash talking, He praised Apollo Crews but ended up forgetting Crews Name. It was funny. match has started off with reversals and hard hitting. Even though a grog splash was avoided by MVP. He couldn’t avoid sit-down powerbomb from Apollo Crews. Some fans are happy that Apollo Crews is finally getting the push but at the same time, some fans are not happy watching MVP lose.

Liv Morgan Defeated Ruby Riott. Former Riott Squad Members goin’ at each other. It looks like WWE wants to push Liv Morgan and not Ruby Riott. Another member of Riott squad has already been released. Liv hit her with Srpingboard Flatlined and pinned Ruby Riott.

Buddy Murphy vs Rey Mysterio. As we all know Mysterio recently had a dislocated finger and Buddy targeted it for the entire match. Two great wrestlers going at each other. This is one of the best match of this week’s Raw. finally It was Rey mysterio, who qualified for Money in the bank match by defeated Buddy Murphy after his Iconic 619.

NXT Champ, Charlotte Flair vs Kayden Carter. It was not a regular Charlotte’s match, where she dominates the entire match. This match has got everything. It was Kayden who started off with a submission move. But, Charlotte has cut down the domination from Kayden and locked her with a Figure-8 and won via submission.

Andrade Cien is back after taking claymore’s. He’s up against Akira Tozawa. Tozawa started off the match with some high speed moves, like he usually does. But those were not enough to pin Andrade. Andrade hit his finisher, Hammerlock DDT to pin Akira.

EST Bianca Belair defeated Santana Garrett. She was introduced by Street Profits. She was too good for Santana Garrett. She hit the K.O.D to pin Garrett. It was a short match, where WWE wants to push Bianca. can she continue like this? Only time will tell!

Time for main event. Drew McIntyre vs Angel Garza. As usually, All the three, Zelina, Andrade and Austin were at the ring side to cause the distraction. McIntyre hit one of the best chops we’ve ever seen on Garza.Both Andrade and Theory tried interrupting and they were successful, even though it helped Angel Garza to took control of Drew McIntyre, It was for a very less time. Highlight of the match is when, Drew took a huge dive over the top rope on all the three, Garza, Andrade and Austin. He attacked all the three and hit a Claymore on Angel Garza to pin. He end the show with him doing Andrade’s Tranquilo pose.