WWE RAW Review : May 25

On the ocassion of Memorial Day, The show started of with a video tribute. We can see all the NXT rookies including Simone Johnson, Daughter of The Rock. Next Up, Kevin Owens welcomed all of them are gave a morale boost to them. He said they are the future of the WWE. Some inspiring words from him, but he took a cheeky lil dig to wrestlers, who didn’t wear his shirt. He welcomed the Raw women’s champ, Asuka. Charlotte interrupted after playing last weeks Nia Jax destruction clip. Natalya entered into scene. KO left the ring before they started a huge brawl. At the end, It was Asuka who is standing on the feet.

Next up, It was Andrade vs Apollo Crews for the United States Title, It was a huge shock and surprising as Apollo Crews won the title. Both men went at each other, with hard hitting moves. Even though match started off with Apollo dominating, Andrade quickly changed the things and dominated him for the whole match.But a series of movies from Apollo Crews is too hard for Andrade to overcome. New Champ in the house : Apollo Crews. A great result, especially for people who are bored of watching Andrade, Zelina and Angel Garza being at the ring side every match and losing mostly and interfering. Hopefully this title reign will take a new direction.

The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are back last week after a long break. They came to ring and talked about how they should be tag champions. This was interrupted by current champions, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. Iiconics took out both Alexa and Nikki. After returning, WWE creatives are trying their best to potray Iiconics as aggressive people.

Next up, MVP interviewing Drew McIntyre. After arriving at the ring, Drew was toring apart the VIP Lounge set. Even though MVP assured that there will be no issues. This didn’t end well for MVP before Bolly Lashley arrived. McIntyre hit his finisher kick, Claymore on MVP again!

Angel Garza vs KO. Even before the match has started, Angel Garza took out owens. Garza targetted the leg of Kevin Owens. Even though Angel was not at the ringside for Andrade’s match, Zelina Vega is here cheering for him. Kevin Owens struggled with single leg for whole match as he couldn’t hit some of his moves. This was one of the shocking result of this year’s Raw as Angel Garza defeated Kevin Owens clean without any interruption AFTER the match has started.

Comedy: Vking Raiders vs Street Profits for a Golf match. winner: Street Profits. This segment is one of the lowers on today’s Raw.

Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory vs Humberto and Aleister Black. After joining Seth Rollins, this was the first match for Austin Theory. He took control of Carillo . But that is not enough as Carillo tagged Aleister. But match was won by newcomer Austin Theory after defeating Carillo with his finisher, ATL. After the match, Seth Rollins warned Aleister Black, that if he interferes with Carillo, what happened to Rey will repeat on Carillo.

Charlotte vs Nia Jax vs Natalya. With Asuka Joining the commentary team, this match has become more interesting. Nia used her strength to take control of both the wrestlers, but it was backfired when they both escaped her elbow drop. Natalya and Charlotte teamed up on Nia and sent her out of the ring. Highlight of the match is when both Chrlotte and Natalya teamed up and powerbombed Nia through the Announce table. Surprisingly, Asuka helped her getting back on to ring, Nia pinned Natalya after hitting Samoan drop.

Final match of the show. Street Profits vs MVP and Lashley. Montez Ford and Lashley started off the match, but Lashley was too good for him and knocked him with his strength. He finally made a tag to Angelo Dawkins, Even though he showed his strength in the initial stages. It’s not enough to get the win as Lashley hit full nelsom slam and won the match. Drew entered the ring and chaos started with other wrestlers trying to seperate both.