WWE Smackdown Review Apr 17

This week’s Smackdown started off with Moment of Bliss. The guest was none other than the Braun Strowman. He was explaining his past with Bray Wyatt. After speaking for a while, he saw a gift at the corner of the ring, he thanked Alexa and Nikki for the gift, much to the surprise, both Bliss and Cross said they didn’t brought him the gift, He opened the gift box only to find the old black mask which Braun used to wear when he’s in the Wyatt Family.

Next up, It was the first match of the show and it’s for No 1 Contender opportunity. Sasha Banks vs Tamina. Tamina took the size advantage and dominated the whole match with ease until Bayley started distracting. then comes the Sassy southern Belle Lacey Evans, she hit Bayley with a running forearm, which distracted Sasha, Tamina hit super kick and pinned Sasha Banks.

Next up, it’s a squash match. Sheamus vs Denzel DeJournette. Ever since the return of Sheamus, they’re trying to push him as much as they can. Interesting thing about hismatch is when Michael Cole talking about Jeff Hardy struggles, sheamus has shown his anger on Michael Cole. Hopefully this is a start of Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy Rivalry.

This is a surprise match. Dana Brooke vs Naomi. WWE finally pushing Dana Brooke. Hard hitting match. Two strong women going at each other. Rear View is not enough for Naomi to pin Dana Brooke. Brooke took the opportunity to roll her up to pin and won the match. Brooke winning the opportunity for Money in the bank match came as a surprise for WWE Universe.

Next up, It is one of the greatest promos ever from Sonya Deville. She called Mandy ‘ a selfish woman’ . She has promised to ruin the life of the couple, Mandy and Otis. Dolph came out and suggested that she should give chance to him. Tension in the ring has increased when Sonya hit Mandy and Otis took out Dolph after his signature Caterpillar move. WWE universe are heavily impressed with Sonya Deville Mic’s work.

MITB Qualifying match. Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro. Drew Gulak at the corner for Daniel Bryan and Shinsuke at the corner for Cesaro. Cesaro showed his technical ability and strength. It was a domination from Cesaro. But it was Daniel Bryan who won the match with his yes lock and made him Tapout.

Baron Corbin And Elias. Corbin attacked Elias. He broke Elias guitar by hitting him hard. This is getting boring now. WWE need to do something with these two superstars.

New Tag Team Champions. New Day. Big E defeated Jey Uso and The Miz.Skull crushing finale from Miz to Jey is not enough to get the victory because there was an interruption from Big E. Big E hit the Big Ending on Miz to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.