WWE Smackdown Review May 1.

  • Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with an amazing promo. He took a sly dig on the Chairman, Vince McMahon. Bryan showed his love for wrestling in his words and pointed that this specific Money in the bank is important to him and how MITB in the past has shaped his career. Baron Corbin interrupted Bryan and claimed he was stronger mentally and physically than Bryan.
  • Daniel Bryan vs Baron Corbin. Corbin used his strength on Bryan and knocked him off the top rope. Baron targeted the shoulder of Bryan. Bryan tried to pin with a roll up but ended up getting a clothesline from Baron. While Bryan was struggling with his shoulder, Corbin tried to hit but he countered with a Ankle lock, but it was not enough to make corbin tap. He then pulled a half crab on Corbin which he escaped and then hit Bryan with ladder. Ref ended the match and announced Bryan as the winner by disqualification. Aftre the match Corbin set up Bryan for the End of days, but he reversed with the yes lock. Here comes, Nakamura and Cesaro and all the three attacked Bryan.
  • Fiend Interrupts Braun Strowman. The Universal Champ, Braun Strowman made his way to the ring to cut a promo but he got interrupted by Firefly fun house. Bray Wyatt targeted Braun Strowman with frequent reference to The Black sheep. Bray assured Braun that he’ll take the championship from him.
  • Leon Ruff vs Sheamus . A squash match to push Sheamus as one of the most powerful wrestlers. He targeted Michael cole whole match yelling at him whether he is enjoying himself. Cole announced that we will see Jeff Hardy next week on Smackdown. Shemus said he’ll be there too! This is start of something fresh. Two former champions rivalry is going to start. Jeff hardy coming clean and vince McMahon loving the idea of Jeff’s return vs Sheamus will be a huge advantage on the ratings. Winner: Sheamus
  • Money in the bank qualification match. Mandy Rose vs Carmella. Carmella started off the match with a vicious kick to the face. A few moments later Mandy took control of her. But she got interrupted by Sonya Deville. Carmella took advantage of the distraction and defeated Mandy Rose and won the opportunity to win Money in the bank. After the match Sony attacked Mandy and hit her with a running knee to the head. WWE creative loved the fact that Sonya can cut the promos. Last wee she was trending because of mic skills. She has done the same today during the match. This is the start of a good rivalry. we hope these talented wrestlers will get a chance to show their skills and win the championships sometime in their career. winner: Carmella
  • next up, it’s New Day vs The Forgotten Sons. Miz and Morrison joined Cole and Corey on commentary. Even though Big E took control of the forgotten sons. they were back again until Kofi received the tag.he hit both Cutler and Blake. Few moments later Big E missed his spear, Ryker took advantage and sent him into the ring post. Forgotten Sons took number advantage and defeated Kofi Kingston. They will be in title contention soon as WWE creative showcasing Forgotten sons as a powerful team.winner: The Forgotten Sons
  • Main Event : Dolph Zigger vs Otis for the Money in the bank qualification match. Their rivalry has started because of Mandy Rose. With the injuries Mandy Rose has suffered because of Sonya Deville, Otis looked furious and entered the match. he dominated the match and Ziggler took control of him with drop kicks and head lock. Zigger escaped Caterpillar from Otis and performed a Zig Zag but it was not enough to pin Otis. Just when he’s about to hit a superkick, otis escaped and hit him with a fallaway slam followed by Caterpillar to pin Ziggler and to qualify for the MITB match. The result was not expected by WWE universe. Can Otis win the briefcase ? We should wait and see!