Youth Can Make A Difference : Pranitha Subhash

Namasthe Everyone, I wanted to share something important with all of you . After the call given by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji to fight Corona, I request you all to join the National YOUTH movement, Youth Alliance Against Corona, that is YAAC2020. We the youth have the power to make the difference, so come join hands and lets spread awareness. I want you to head to the link below and register right now. Thank you very much.

She has shared a google document link. It has all the details about Youth Alliance against Coronavirus. It has some points, like Stay Updated, Stand Together, Pool Ideas, Neighborhood Watch, Spread Positive Stories, Inform and Educate, Help the vulnerable, Dispel Misinformation. This is great initiative. Just like Pranitha Subhash said, youth can really make a major difference in spreading awareness. It will be really kind and helpful for old people. We hope more people join this initiative and eradicate the Coronavirus as quickly as possible.

On the work front, she’ll be next seen in her first bollywood film, Bhuj: The pride of India (starring Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt) Also, she has another bollywood film on the cards, Hungama 2 (starring Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty etc). One to watch!